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The World's Premier Bull Riding Magazine

Humps N Horns

Bull Riding Magazine



Here's a little history on the world's premier bull riding magazine


Humps N Horns Bull Riding News was started in the early 1990's as a way for those involved in the bull riding industry to stay connected. At that time it was in a newpaper format and strictly an industry insider publication. It later became HNH Bull Riding News with a similar style and content under the direction of new owners. 


In October 2011, the name was changed once more and became Humps N Horns Bull Riding Magazine. The format was changed to a full color, glossy magazine and it became available in stores nationwide such as Barnes & Nobles, Hastings, and many other retailers.


Humps N Horns Bull Riding Magazine features coverage of bull riding associations across the country. It is no longer an industry only publication, but a complete magazine for industry insiders and fans alike. 


If you like bull riding, you'll love Humps N Horns®. Take a moment to browse the website and then go straight to the Subscribe tab and get your subscription started TODAY!

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